What Clean Eating Means To Me?

With this New Year I wanted to start with a once and for all clarification of what, why and how I follow this lifestyle I always speak of. Too many people keep asking me:

“so your blog is about “diet” food?” 

“So your food is good for losing weight?”

” It must be very expensive to live this way?!”

And all those question lead up to an endless conversation to make people understand that NO!  its not “diet” food and NO! it is not special food that if you eat you will magically lose weight and no it is not expensive because I use normal supermarket ingredients like any other housewife.

The only concept of my recipes and blog is “clean” eating and what I mean by that, is eating whole, un-processed food.  That means you can eat everything, you don’t omit any category from fat, protein or carbs but the quality is what matters. The concept is just really easy, whenever you are buying something read the label, if it is more than 5 ingredients and one or more of the ingredients are just really hard to spell or you can’t even spell it at all, then know that you don’t need me to tell you that it is not clean! Just follow this rule

“If you can’t read it, your body can’t eat it!”

The truth is simple, but many of us just cannot admit it. You just cannot get healthy without eating healthy! You can exercise as much as you want but it is worthless without the right choice of food. And by healthy I don’t mean those protein shakes that you cannot find any normal ingredient in it or by those “low fat” or “light” labeled food that if you ever check the labels, from the 50 ingredients stuffed into that small granola bar you can barely recognize two or three and that is not because you are not well educated that is because it is NOT FOOD, you need a chemical scientist to break down those ingredients! And that is not supposed to go anywhere near your body!

I don’t know if anyone expect me noticed, but nowadays there is more “diet”, ”light”, “low fat”, “healthy” labeled food more than ever! And still the percentage of obesity and diabetes and many other food related diseases is getting higher! Why is that? Did you ever wondered?

Why in the time of our grandparents and great grandparents, they didn’t have these problems. The man would be still fully energized and working really tough in the fields at the age of 70 75 and even 85, now the man in the age of 50 and 60 is suffering from health problems that even a man of 85 back then didn’t have!

I don’t think my great grandmother had access to “low fat milk” or “light cookies” or “diet friendly meals” but still her health is better than many people younger than her nowadays. The answer is really simple guys! Because she ate clean, she drinks full fat organic milk right from the cow in the backyard, they made their own cheese and yoghurt, and they planted their own vegetables and fruits, the deserts was some homemade jam with some homemade bread, the breakfast was organic eggs from the chicken they raised, the lunch was some grass fed meat from their own cows, that is why?

Now I know what you will say, that I am not being realistic and we cannot just raise a cow and some chickens right on our porch to eat clean!

And you are right of course we can’t, but we can buy to many clean ingredients from the stores, we can put the extra effort and cook and prepare our meals from scratch instead of buying everything pre-packed and pre-prepared.

I will try to make the concept more understandable to everyone with the Q&A method this way you will have all the answers you need to wake up and start treating your body like you should!

“Who can eat clean??”

Anyone wanting to enjoy a good health can eat clean! There are no rules here. Our bodies are 100% natural and it is for a reason that they only function at their best when fueled with 100% natural fuel. Now each individual may have certain types of allergies that he should be taken into considerations while eating clean. Always listen to your body, when you feel uncomfortable after eating a certain ingredients you may need to consider avoiding this ingredient because it is messing with your digestion system and you don’t want that.

Not all bodies re-act the same to all the ingredients even when it is clean.

“What is clean eating?”

Clean eating is a lifestyle not a diet that you do for couple of month and tarraaa you are fit and healthy. It is a choice to only feed your body with the must clean and nutrient food. That means, processed unpronounced ingredients of all kinds are avoided. That means, cooking from scratch at home is essential.

“When do I eat clean?”

All the time! It is like I said before a lifestyle not a program you follow and when you finish you come back to your normal eating. Now don’t be that annoying person in special occasions! Enjoy your time!  I always indulge myself on special occasions  or for once or twice a month and let go a little bit and enjoy something off the list with some families and friends but I always get back on track, don’t stress yourself each time you go out with some friends for some drinks , enjoy your life! But eating 1 unhealthy meal over 20 clean homemade meals won’t kill you in the spot! But it is important to always get back on track and not let that one cheat day drag into a whole one week or even month!


“Where do I eat clean?”

I eat food that comes from my own cooking in my kitchen with my own pans and trays.

I buy my groceries at the grocery stores like anyone else. The only difference is that I stick to the not packed, fresh ingredients from fruits, vegetables, lean meats and dairy, beans legumes and whole grains. Nothing refined, processed or labeled with “low-fat”, “zero-fat”, “low calories” fake labels because my food is already fresh and healthy I don’t need fake labels to prove it! Don’t get me wrong I buy some packed stuff but very rare, but some stuffed you cannot find except packed, like coconut cream or milk, grass fed ghee or butter or some date or coconut sugar , there is some exceptions!

“Why do I eat clean?”

Well! For too many reasons but mainly for a better health and cleaner body, for more energy and a better look. I do this for a long term healthy life that I can enjoy with my family in the future. For feeling better that I am treating myself the way that I deserve and for feeling satisfied that I am respecting my body and appreciate my blessings. And for me my extra reason is the pleasure of cooking something healthy and tasty to share with my family.

“How I manage to do it?”

Many people ask me “how can you do it?” the answer is really simple. I can’t see any reason to not eat this way, I go to the same grocery store you all go too, I cook like every housewife it just a matter of choice to buy and not to buy certain ingredients, and to cook in a certain way that keep the health benefits of the food.

I tried to make it as simple as I can for you guys, and yes it may get confusing for you at the beginning to know what to eat and what not to eat but it will get easier with time, and that is why I am here to share with you guys recipes that you can cook for you and your family even when you don’t have the energy to think and plan, just pay my blog a visit and try the recipes.

When you start eating clean, you may feel weird when eating and taste different flavors that you usually do but that is not a bad thing, it is just that your taste bud are so numb from eating processed food that you don’t even recognize the natural taste of certain foods anymore, you will get use to the new natural real taste of food and you will never feel the same about processed food after that!


To help you start with your clean eating journey, you can just start gradually, first start with a clean breakfast  like super smoothie for a week once you master that, start switching your snacksthen once you mastered that start switching your main courses. 

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