You can find dry fig all year long but there is nothing like the taste and texture of fresh figs. they are full of flavors, the softness of its skin with the chewiness of its inside and the crunchiness of its seeds.They come in different colors and shapes and their season start at June and end at September. It varies from region to region.

Figs are the sweeter way to lose weight because despite their sweet delicious taste they are full of fibers. As we all know, increasing your dietary fiber intake is very helpful to lose and manage the weight. Other than weight loss, the dietary fiber in figs also help treating constipation and regulating your digestion system.

Figs are a good source of potassium, Omega 3 and Omega 6 that help preventing heart attacks and control blood pressure. A lot of people nowadays have a deficiency in potassium because of the lack in vegetable and fruit consumption and a high consumption of sodium added to processed foods.

Figs help treat and prevent many diseases from the smallest one as acne and pimples to the most serious one such as prostate, breast, and colon cancer.

Figs content of tryptophan that helps reduce fatigue, gets rid of sleep disorders such as insomnia, improves brain memory, and prevents anemia.

And for vegan people, figs are a great source of calcium and great substitute for dairy products.

Figs are very helpful in killing fungus and viruses in the human body, because of the micro-organisms in them like Benzaldehid.

There are many more benefits for figs; they’re good for the skin and hair. Even fig tree leaves are really good, so don’t hesitate to grab one or two.

So start adding more figs in your recipes because, other than all their benefits they are a great addition to many recipes I will be posting soon.






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