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Cherry Kabbab Party Bites

these cute little bites are meatballs cooked to perfection in a cherry sauce. an easy party snack that is ready in less than 30 minutes. I first got this idea when I was cooking my famous sweet and sour cherry kebab. I loved those meatballs so much that I got this amazing idea! why I […]

Easy Shrimp and veggies pie

I  don’t know what is the secret in me that automatically connects fall season with pies.whenever fall is here , my pie baking mood is on ! and sometimes it extends with me until after Christmas. pies for me are  comfort food whether sweet or sour. my comfort food usually is a combination of warmth,deliciousness […]

Rainbow Hummus Mezza Platter

The origin of hummus is so vague and so many countries claim that they are the origins of this plate. But one thing everyone can agree on is that “a well-made hummus is a delicious authentic appetizer that everyone loves!” And no matter what color you want to make your hummus, each combination and addition […]

Pressure Cooker Easy Beef&Bean Stew

This is a flavorful pressure cooker beef stew with beans. It’s a delicious and hearty meal that your family will enjoy. but not as many beans stew this recipe is a very original mix between authentic Arabic red beans and my touch to spice up the plane beef stew recipe we all know. the more […]

Chocolate Nice-Cream

This recipe is one of the simplest fast recipes that will save those poor ripped bananas that no one wants at the end of each week. Each time I have some bananas that are too ripe and no one to eat them, I cut it and put it in the freezer. And whenever I have […]

sweet and sour cherry kebab

The first dish I order whenever I am in a lebanese/syrian restaurant is the ” kebab karaz”. it is a dish made with lamb meatballs with sweet and sour cherry sauce. the secret to the success of this recipe is the cherries , you need those perfectly balanced cherries. they should have the perfect sweet/sour […]

One Pan Seafood Stew

When you say fish stew you automatically think: no thank you! You have the idea that it is so hard to pull out and it is going to be messy. Well that is not the case in this recipe. Because it is a one pan easy recipe. Despite how complicated it looks it isn’t at […]

Ablama (Authentic Lebanese stuffed courgette)

For me everything that includes stuffed vegetables is good! As a Lebanese Middle Eastern house there are a few main dishes that are fundamental. You cannot find any Lebanese house that doesn’t do stuffed courgette weekly! Where there is so many ways of doing it but my favorite one is the one stuffed with minced […]

chicken breast and veggies oven bag stew

Full of tender, juicy, and flavorful protein and veggies,      this healthy oven bag Chicken Stew is a cozy comfort food that will nourish your family!     With just a few minutes of preparing , you can mix, seal the bag and pop it in the oven and tend to your other priorities.    […]